2015 Durif (Petite Sirah)

Red Mountain

Durif is a grape variety that originated in France in the 1880’s. Named after its creator, botanist Francois Durif, it is a cross between Syrah and Peloursin. Originally praised for its small berry size and resistance to powdery mildew, it was planted in various regions of France.  Today, Durif is only found in one appellation in France and can also be found in Australia, California and Israel. After it came to the U.S. it became known as Petite Sirah.

Durif (Petite Sirah) is known for its high acidity, bold tannin and deep purple, inky color. These characteristics are very apparent in this wine which was harvested late in the season to capitalize on the rich fruit flavors.  In production, the free run wine and the pressed wine were separated, individually barrel-aged and a blended back in 50:50 proportion to create a robust, full-bodied mouth feel with attractive fruit aromas.   This powerful wine will stand up nicely to a richer, fatty food.  Pair with rich meaty dishes, exotic spice dishes like curries and dry, strong cheeses.

Aromas/Flavors: Plum, blueberry, black tea

AVA: Red Mountain

Partner Vineyard: Kiona Vineyards

Partner Winemaker: Scott Williams, Kiona Vineyards